Our Services

With J. Ginger Masonry’s history of success we know what it takes to meet the expectations of our customers. Our wide array of services makes contracting any and all masonry needs simple and smooth:

  • CMU fences/retaining walls
  • CMU buildings and structures
  • Natural and manufactured stone veneers
  • Brick veneers
  • Surrounds for fireplaces, windows, and entryways
  • Premium architectural accessories including columns, balustrades, stair treads, and wall caps

Structural Masonry

With 40 years in the masonry business our expertise extends from large, big box retail structures, sports complexes, churches, schools, and libraries to country clubs, entertainment venues, strip malls, office and industrial complexes, as well as subterranean and above grade parking structures. We are proficient in CMU, glass block, brick, and stone construction.

Our success stems from the knowledge and understanding of proper coordination with trades that directly interact with our work such as structural steel, wood and steel framing, CIP concrete, shotcrete, etc. Our QA in each phase of the construction process ensures the integrity of the work leading to a flawless final product.

Site Walls

Our extensive experience in CMU and brick wall construction is visible in every project we complete. We are specialists in wall construction, including:

  • Any conventional type of engineered freestanding and/or retaining wall construction
  • ORCO wall systems
  • Certified installers for Proto II post-tensioned walls systems

Whether you need a small retaining wall or miles of perimeter fencing for your project, J Ginger Masonry can provide you with the look, the craftsmanship, and the long-lasting results you envisioned.

Stone & Brick Veneer

J Ginger Masonry can assist you with quality veneers, expertly installed. Whether it’s manufactured stone, a high end natural or cut stone, or brick we have the experience and relationships to get you the look you desire at a price that will meet your budget. Our stone and brick masons are experienced, trained, and certified craftsman. They install your preferred veneer professionally for a beautiful, refined finish.

Architectural Precast

Our premium architectural accents will help mark your work with the differentiation you envision.

J Ginger Precast enables you to achieve a level of architectural polish in your projects that was once reserved for luxury residential and upscale commercial developments alone.

  • The design, the style, and the architectural impact of the accents your plans specify are finally attainable.
  • When your work calls for both interior and exterior details, we can bring you design continuity throughout your project while providing the enduring performance and elevated look your project requires.

J Ginger Masonry can provide a package of installed precast products along with our full range of masonry services.